At Olivier and Mann we develop and construct investment portfolios through an evolving process of building a personal relationship with each of our clients.

By having a continuous exchange of communication between ourselves and our clients, we are better situated to construct a portfolio that uniquely matches the needs and requirements of each individual situation as it develops over the course of a lifetime.

Our Commitment

In line with our holistic investment research and analysis process, and forums, at Olivier and Mann, our clients are paired with a skilled adviser to fully express and understand individual goals and objectives in a way that can be applied to the customised management of their portfolios. We believe that this on-going transparency helps clients to fully understand the actions we take on their behalf and more importantly why we are taking them, giving unparalleled security of mind.

Personally Customised

The individual aspects of our commitment are distilled together with our overall investment process to produce a strategy which is continuously measured against our clients’ personal goals and objectives. As time goes by, and circumstances change, we evolve our strategies in line with our clients’.

Our overall strategy for clients brings together our commitment, values and investment process with an assortment of integral financial disciplines including:

  • Wealth protection and risk management
  • Personal wealth management
  • Financial planning
  • Investment counseling
  • Inheritance and trust planning
  • Tax planning

Rather than treating these components as separate parts of an overall process, at Olivier and Mann we incorporate all disciplines in an integrated solution that drives the overall wealth management strategy.